Actionable Summaries – Hacking Marketing

The good kind [of hacking] makes new inventions— in fast, fluid, and fun ways. It imagines what’s possible, figures out clever ways to realize those ideas within the tangle of real-world constraints, and above all, celebrates the courage to try, tinker, and learn. – Hacking Marketing

In Hacking Marketing, Scott Brinker delivers an in-depth perspective on how leading digitally-enabled marketing efforts follow an uncanny similarity to the management of technology. To manage the many moving parts, marketing has incorporated technology, data, and current rapid software development methods. Covering the topics of agility, innovation, scalability, and talent, Brinker walks the reader through the different parts of the marketing machine which are likely to change in your organization.

Hacking Marketing is not a technical book. Instead, it offers methods and strategies in capitalizing on an evolving and increasingly engaged marketplace. It will certainly have you asking questions and reframing the way you manage marketing to build an adaptive and resilient go-to-market execution.

  • The Big Idea – Instill the ‘Hacker Way’
  • Insight #1 – Become Customer-Obsessed
  • Insight #2 – Seek out ‘T-Shaped’ People

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