How Frameworks Help Close the Experience Gap and Sustain Business Continuity

originally: Good frameworks are enduring and help you offset the loss of intellectual capital and its impact on customer experience. The needs evolve at different stages… One practiced implementation … More

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Influencer Marketing and CRM in a Post-Pandemic Future

This CRM Playaz session started with an entertaining discussion about influencer marketing. Paul brought up excellent exploratory questions on the emerging sector. Brent and I dive into where does influencer … More

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Suez Canal, Ever Given Map Tracking

Near real-time updates on the Ever Given backlog on both sides of the canal. Zoom in, change layers, click on ships for details. enjoy!

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Cookieless world Strategies

Chitra Iyer brings together a number of thought leaders including myself on Universal IDs and the future of CMOs and marketing with the ‘death of the thrid-party’ cookie. Love the … More

Post Dreamforce Keynote Commentary

Alongside the great host’s Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg, I delivered some critical thoughts with fellow panelists on Salesforce’s intentional focus on facilitating transformation, operations, and strengthening their collective community.