Actionable Summaries – Digital Sense

“A digital marketer is someone who understands that, to engage someone digitally, it must be done in a meaningful, personalized and contextually + culturally relevant manner.”- Brian Solis, Digital Sense.

Travis Wright, CCP Global and Chris J. Snook, Columnist and Serial Entrepreneur, provide a common ‘digital’ sense playbook on how organizations need to act in the modern consumer, data-driven era. They remind the readers that technology amplifies the successes and blunders of digital engagement and relationships.

The authors cover how organizations adapt to the new business environment by blending social strategy, marketing technology, and customer experience by leveraging the Experience Marketing Framework (EMF).

Wright and Snook deliver on a deep walkthrough of how an organization realigns to meet the dynamic needs of buyers. The beginning includes a great story about the KC Chiefs but leaps into some definitions which may seem disorienting at first. However, they bring it all together with a ‘pop’ and you begin to see how it coalesces. With some great humor, there is a tremendous number of blueprints, high-level steps, and resources. The book is a bit overwhelming, however, it is well organized and useful to revisit as a reference as your organization makes changes or evolves. As both a practitioner and analyst in the space, Digital Sense is a comprehensive read. This summary will truly provide only a taste of the many nuggets in the book.

  • The Big Idea – Attention and Trust—Very Little Else Matters
  • Insight #1 – Social Business Strategy Applies Everywhere!
  • Insight #2 – Relationships Matters, B.R.O.

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