White Collar Revival Proposal

White Collar is a TV show on USA Network from 2009-2014 about a highly intelligent and multitalented con artist working as criminal informant and consultant for the FBI. My wife and I have been fans since day one. When there was excitement about a possible revival, I wrote a proposalfor the next chapter in the series.

The proposal / treatment is complete. I’m working on finding the right contact to submit this proposal for consideration for when the revival gains momentum again.

Through some stars aligning through, industry folks, startup world, gaming, and agency collaborations, I was able to ensure to get my proposal/treatment to Mr. Eastin’s office. Later, I did have an opportunity to briefly connect with Mr. Eastin just to meet. We’ll see if anything comes to fruition if discussions resume on a revival, regardless, it was a satisfying project and enlightening journey. Truly appreciate everyone who supported me and help me navigate the ecosystem.

Will I create and write another treatment? Time will tell.