The Ol’ 1:1:1 ABM Framework

Got to dust off an old mindset framework with Yaag and Mansih on the ABM Conversation podcast.

As ABM took hold in 2015-2016, I needed to keep leaders and investors focused and zig vs. zag to achieve perpetual growth. So, I began sharing this simple mindset framework:

1:1:1 ABM Framework = Marketing : Sales : Improving Customer+Community Engagement 1% Daily. 

The compounding the power on improving a collective team’s customer relationship 1% daily truly magnifies results for leadership.

Was inspired by: Salesforce’s 1:1:1 pledge, financial compounding, and the evolving roles of B2B marketing and sales and the martech space.

We never pushed (only referred out) ABM services or platforms. We focused on navigating performance leaders and growth investors on more strategic decisions.

So, the framework really helped us prioritize and elevate so to:

  • Advise pioneering ABM startup founders
  • Aid late-stage company to raise $60M with next-gen ABM
  • Avoid lackluster investment returns
  • Navigate B2B leaders into executive roles

Three (3) focus areas have always mattered in B2B:

  • Relationships
  • Community Advocates, and
  • Partnerships — which we will hear more from 2020 into the following decade.

Enjoyed sharing this, category, and insights with Yaagneshwaran Ganesh & Manish Nepal who were most generous to invite me.

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