The Decision Intelligence Handbook: Practical Steps for Evidence-Based Decisions in a Complex World

Dr. Lorien Pratt, & Dr. Nadine Malcolm have written an accompanying and stand-alone book to their other book Link, and on one of my focus topics, Decision Intelligence.

Honored to have contributed some of our work in DI in our R&D and GTM/AI Apollo platform through IntelliPhi, which was a successful acquisition in 2018.

Link is a great read if you are new to DI and looking to understand its impact, challenges, and benefits to your organization.

The Decision Intelligence Handbook provides a more how-to resource for DI. While in-depth, realize having someone aid in navigating your review and restructuring of your decisions, protocols, and education.

If you need help learning more about DI or evaluating complex decisions, I would be happy to navigate the best resource/people for you.