The 1% Performance Improvement

As a guest for Brent Leary, an authority on CRM, CX, and many related disciplines, I share more about why 1% performance can make a difference. The conversation was inspired by another conversation around why are marketers content with a 1% performance. While much of this was in reference to spammers, there are instances when 1% can make a difference. I share three categories

  1. Brand, Growth Building – Big rocks and pebbles are done and optimal with budget remaining and limited time.
  2. Sustainability – Gaining a Competitive Edge, Experimentation, or Avoiding the Red Queen effect.
  3. Survivablity – Starting New, Limited budget, or Don’t care

Also dove into how disruptive is a cookieless world… and I spun this out.

You can’t outsource your customer relationships in a cookie less world.

– Anand Thaker