Personality Mapping Entrepreneurs

This is a living/evolving page… my notes which are geared to entrepreneurs that I’ve used in publications, presentations, and in practice. If you reference this, please cite and credit.

These are high-level notes on my Myers-Briggs application focused on entrepreneurship. In great part it is based on science and historical analysis, but also has a heavy dose of my experience investing in or helping navigate entrepreneurs and/or leaders in dynamic environments.

Note, there are successful leaders found in each of these categories. Most fail by using this as a sole criterion. This should be used as a starting point. I found many people blend traits when it comes to entrepreneurship. Evaluation requires heavy and diverse experiences to evaluate future or existing entrepreneurs.

  • INTJ – Rare tech startup founder. Wide world-changing view. Usually loner, complex ideas are executed. Loves to think about new possibilities and sees potential everywhere.
  • INTP – Industry exec/leader turned tech startup founder. In the industry for some time and want to change it. Constant problem solvers.
  • INFJ – Purpose-driven business leaders/founders. 
  • INFP – Like INFJ, more creative.
  • ISFP – rule-breaker creative employee. Great at conserving businesses. 
  • ISTJ – Top employees, not an entrepreneur. Need structure. IMHO, they are pretty damn good ops-minded investors.
  • ISTP – Deep knowledge in a focus area. Can be a good founder if they handle pivoting. Worked with several who can spin up new P/L from existing infrastructure.
  • ISFJ – AEs and CSMs. Can empathize and sell/upsell.
  • ESFJ – Also another ideal entrepreneur or at the very least a good leader. Loves people. Energized by their presence. Updated note: Struggles hard in pure digital collaborations.
  • ESFP –  Agency leaders, PR experts (not necessarily the discipline, know how to present a confident front and navigate publicly challenging situations.
  • ENFP – Storytellers. Great Evangelists.
  • ENFJ – Center of attention leaders. They have a little bit of ego, but it works to their advantage.
  • ENTJ – Classic entrepreneur. Most attribute Bill Gates to this. Smart, organized, methodical.
  • ENTP – Great collaborator. Ideas come from conversations. Execution is tough. 
  • ESTP – Make an impact at all costs. Four ended up in the grey area or willing to cross the line. It’s hard to call bluffs with these folks if they set their mind on something.
  • ESTJ – Ideal franchise owners. In large companies, territory expansionists.

As of 3/12/2023, 632 leaders and entrepreneurs have been mapped from research, active engagement, or recruitment/investment.