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From all of us, thank you for the wonderful growth advise and incredible investment returns. Here’s to many more!

Congrats Anand on $1B in returns milestone from just a few of us… Charles B., Ali W., Al W., Alex M., Richard T., Tom T., Sree G., Michel H., Ben C., Lars K., Ben J., Bill T., Jose I., Katherine K., Bill Z. Nick C., Rikhil P., David G., Robert D., Sakis A., Yale X., Jay L., Robert T., Kevin K., Roger Y., Stephen S., Joe V., Rich W., Josh W., Alex H., Teddy H., Shuja K., Amit K., Eric B., Jeff K., Adam B., Caitlin S., David T.

Illustration by Tom Fishburne aka ©Marketoonist, ©2019

My Note: Very grateful to Charles, my late mentor, who passed in 2020 who honored me with this nickname and support in me. We all lovingly called him Prof. X for his unconventional grit, wisdom, and empathy. Good sir, I promoise do more to wear it with more pride as you’ve wished.

To the folks who rode this incredible journey and honor me with this wonderful illustration. Our returns reflect our relationship, trust, and collective growth. I have so much to learn and look forward our journey together!