Marketing Land: Behind the scenes of the Martech 5000 Landscape [Podcast]

It’s no secret that the martech industry is growing like crazy. Just look at how Scott Brinker’s annual martech landscape infographic has grown over the years — the evidence is undeniable. There are now about 5,000 company logos organized into categories like Social Media Marketing & Monitoring, Mobile Marketing, Dashboards & Data Visualization and more.

But what’s it all mean? What are marketers supposed to take away from it, aside from knowing that the space is growing?

As our recent Martech conference concluded in San Francisco, we asked Brinker and Anand Thaker — his partner this year in creating the landscape infographic — to answer those questions and take us behind the scenes to the thought process they used when trying to fit an entire industry into a one-page visual.

“The landscape,” as Brinker says, “really only has one purpose, and that is to start the conversation for realizing how wide the scope of innovation is in the martech space.”

Consider the conversation started! This week’s show runs 21 minutes. You can listen here or use the link below to subscribe via your favorite podcast service.

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