Marketing Agency Podcast Episode: When Two (former) Computer Engineers Talk Marketing

Because we see each other what seems like twice a year, the insightful Rob Kischuk, CEO & Founder of Converge and I take on the best topics in Marketing today. If you’ve ever been in one of our conversations, they are in-depth, unique and well extremely actionable.  This episode was much of the same…

MarTech marries marketing and technology, creating, managing, and using digital tools to automate tasks, facilitate data-driven decisions, measure marketing activity impact, and drive more efficient market spend. I talk more on how MarTech is not just about marketing and sales enablement. In a deeper sense, it is about understanding human nature and how we connect with each other.

We go into what growth companies, including agencies, need to evaluate and understand for themselves and their customers:

  • Their own organization and how they interact with customers,
  • How customers engage with the brand,
  • What gaps exist in the current processes,
  • What opportunities are being missed,
  • What data do they need that they don’t have, and
  • Long term and short term goals and how those will be achieved

We also go into Customer data platforms (CDPs), AI, future work in marketing and sales, all with a Computer Engineer to Marketing strategist perspectives.