Link: How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World

Honored to contribute a brief case study of one of our clients who embraced not only our Apollo decision support platform but also the idea of changing how insights, data and collaboration evolved an organization to make superior and fast moving decisions. My quote:

As decisions and AI are sides of the same coin, they enable growth leaders to navigate teams towards greater agility. This doesn’t happen quickly. Teams reconfigure how they work collaboratively with data, technology, and across other departments. The outcome is a more resilient dynamic which adds confidence in taking bolder decisions and reduces painful opportunity costs in complex environments.” 

Anand Thaker, CEO, IntelliPhi

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Why aren’t the most powerful new technologies being used to solve the world’s most important problems: hunger, poverty, conflict, inequality, employment, disease? What’s missing?

From a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning comes a thought-provoking book that answers these questions. In Link: How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World, Dr. Lorien Pratt explores the solution that is emerging worldwide to take Artificial Intelligence to the next level: Decision Intelligence.

Decision Intelligence (DI) goes beyond AI as well, connecting human decision makers in multiple areas like economics, optimization, big data, analytics, psychology, simulation, game theory, and more. Yet despite the sophistication of these approaches, Link shows how they can be used by you and me: connecting us in a way that supercharges our ability to meet the interconnected challenges of our age.
Pratt tells the stories of decision intelligence pioneers worldwide, along with examples of their work in areas that include government budgeting, space exploration, emerging democracy conflict resolution, banking, leadership, and much more.

Link delivers practical examples of how DI connects people to computers and to each other to help us solve complex interconnected problems. Link explores a variety of scenarios that show readers how to design solutions that change the way problems are considered, data is analyzed, and technologies work together with people.

Technology and academics has accelerated beyond our ability to understand or effectively control them. Link brings technology down to earth and connects it to our more natural ways of thinking. It offers a roadmap to the future, empowering us all to make practical steps and take the best actions to solve the hardest problems.