IntelliPhi’s Go-to-Market Decision Platform Acquisition

Twas the night before Christmas, literally, and all through a NYC boardroom…. we completed the IP acquisition of Apollo, our go-to-market decision support platform!

There will be no official announcement or disclosure of terms. The dev and professional teams will transition to the new firm. The IntelliPhi brand will stay with little ol’ me.

Always on, Apollo, shaves off months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on analysis and sunk opportunity costs. Assisted by the AI-enabled platform, executives can model and evaluate numerous multi-million dollar go-to-market and investment scenarios to make better-fit decisions in dynamic markets.

The platform delivered optimal combinations of go-to-market options for executives. These elements include marketing, sales, customer, product, financial and other relevant functions.

What we built was ahead of it’s time. Yet the mission and the IntelliPhi brand remains:

Decision Making + AI are sides of the same coin.

Coupled with their experiences, growth leaders decision capabilities will evolve through AI / cognitive technologies. AI, like any other technology, only magnifies the people, process and data behind them. That mission in large part why I will be keeping the brand to house the advisory, resources, and any R&D efforts.

While there will not be an official announcement, I want to thank my remarkable team. From diverse backgrounds, we focused on solving some incredibly difficult problems. We went through some hellish times, but we never gave up on one another. I hope you will continue to grow, prosper, and pay it forward to others.

Also, thanks to our savvy partners and truly fearless clients whom we’ve enriched and enabled. There were few who understood the power of what they were harnessing.
Incredible gratitude to our visionary acquirer. They valued and believed in our ability to take a leap forward in strategic go-to-market leadership and revenue generation. In addition to the IP and the $400M+ revenue impact over the next few years, you have inherited an incredible team!

I/We love building smart tech to enable smart people.

I also want to take the opportunity to say goodbye to my attorney and a mentor, Richard. He passed away in a accident weeks after our acquisition. Despite greatly valuing his privacy, we got to know each other well. He was brilliant, tough and generous. He navigated me professionally and personally and recently through a failure and two successful exits. Richard enlightened me not only how creative and innovative lawyers think, but that time is the most precious resource. Something I’m still working to be being better on it. We had a lot in common, including valuing the substance and potential in people. — I will miss you, good sir!

As far as innovation exits, this was my largest. And I am again reminded that investment in people and relationships yields the best returns!

Also, I realize the signal vs. noise within all of us. We are more than the numbers and attributed dollars. More than narrow snippets of social posts. Amazing when we develop meaningful connections and collaborate on our collective passions.

Lastly, as some of you know, I’ve taken on a growing Godfather-like family management obligations. As I’ve discovered, there are just somethings you can’t delegate. In some part, between this, growing list of suitors, and other opportunistic factors timing was ripe for an acquisition.

So, for now, my pure founder build it from scratch days are on hold. And for the first time in my life that I can remember, I’m unsure about what’s next. Interesting times!

In the meantime, I’ll remain engaged where people, data, and money intersect. Of course involved in especially my beloved Martech and the startup ecosystem. Stay Tuned!

Initial and abbreviated version posted:

*Analyze123, acquired nearly the same time in 2016 was a SMB version of Apollo specifically for advanced google analytics and reporting.