Advancing Go-to-Market Decisions for Growth Leaders

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We elevate growth leaders by enabling them to develop smarter go-to-market decisions. Our team takes a multidisciplinary approach using marketing technology, human behavioral sciences, high-performance computing, advanced intelligent systems, customer data solutions, alongside executive and collective decision training. 

Growth Empowerment

Intelligence. For growth executives, we provide go-to-market decision support, marketing, sales technology, customer data advisement, customer success, product strategy, and organizational alignment.

From well-funded startups to enterprises, we have increased top-line revenues or margins by 40 to 320%.

Investor Advisement

Investment. For venture and strategic investors, we provide critical in-depth subject matter expertise, pipeline and insights in Martech, Sales, Customer Data, AI, and other growth driven technologies.

Serving as a retained confidential advisor, scout, proxy, mediator, we have delivered over one billion in returns.

Decision Innovation

Innovation. Cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) have rapidly become core to complex go-to-market decision making.

Unique, confidential and transparent, we accelerate the adoption and deployment of these systems into Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Customer data technology roadmaps. Formerly creators of Apollo and Analyze123.

Select List of Past Services

  • Equip growth executives to make stronger strategic go-to-market decisions.
  • Retained advisor to tech and investment firms in marketing, sales, and customer data innovations.
  • Proxy for investment firms (VC, PE, IB, CorpDev)
  • Go-to-market talent advisement, evaluation, and recruitment. Marketing, Sales, Product, Customer.
  • Accelerate and advise rising industry noisemakers.
  • Navigate the evolution of the marketing technology ecosystem and go-to-market efforts.
  • Develop a new customer experience digital transformation methodologies focus around core strengths.
  • Explore and open new market opportunities.
  • Identify and create new innovative offerings.
  • Build / expand strategic partnerships / relationships.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

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