Influencer Marketing and CRM in a Post-Pandemic Future

This CRM Playaz session started with an entertaining discussion about influencer marketing. Paul brought up excellent exploratory questions on the emerging sector. Brent and I dive into where does influencer marketing fits into the go-to-marketing & marketing stacks and how they play a role with brands. In describing how (scaling) good influencer marketing, I uttered the following (and card courtesy of Brent)… “Influencers are not gnomes” to emphasize that successful relationships require greater care, due diligence, collaboration, and greater thought to mutual benefit between brands and genuine influencers. Otherwise, there would be a significant waste of effort, resources, and brand equity for both.

I enjoyed meeting and sharing a conversation with Scott Nelson, Practice VP of CRM at Gartner. My first time meeting Scott. Rarely have I appreciated every insight and analysis in the CRM industry. He not only brought great wisdom but learning about how his leadership style to genuinely empower and elevate others was delightful to know. His commentary on the delight to table stakes expectations through the rapid transformations was well worth a listen.