Everyday Apps that Exemplify AI

AI is an enabling and humanizing support solution. Having been active in AI/ML/NL for nearly 15 years in finance, energy, and sciences, we in martech are finally tipping point. These algorithms are becoming practical for all of us.

On the heels of my previous article on questions to ask AI vendors and the most applicable AI algorithms, let’s take a different approach.

The key to appreciating AI is to immerse yourself in its application which I call ‘play’. It is simply investing in time, energy and budget towards applying new or evolving tech regardless of its long-term implications. Learning is doing.

So, let’s talk about some of the best everyday use examples of AI that can also enhance your career. Time for some ‘play’!


Your network is your net worth. Most of the innovation community especially in the SaaS space talk about the “hustle.” But the real secret is not mindless hustling. The top 2% of professionals are successful because their hustle includes building meaningful relationships with purpose along the way. Nudge.ai lets you do this with greater cadence and relevance. This has been my favorite everyday AI app. It has unlocked parts of my network which lead directly to three (3) six and seven-figure multi-year deals. Bonus, I spent a fraction of the time nurturing long tail of opportunities surfaced through Nudge.ai. I usually get the “How do you get those clients?” types of questions. Now you know why this pays for itself almost immediately.

“Everyone’s network has exploded with weak connections, but no one has the time to research and keep track of all the people that are important. AI can identify who to focus on and give you more time to build authentic relationships.” – Paul Teshima, Co-Founder, and CEO, Nudge.ai

Also, I’ve never felt more happily engaged and invested in my network which I (and you should be) grateful.

AI Lesson: Watch how Nudge.ai enhances and delivers relationship management for any goals. It also encourages seeking out weak ties, the backbone of well-networked and strong influencers. Authentically used, Nudge delivers stronger sales pipeline and higher CLV. How can you change your cadence to engage with your prospects, colleagues, and influencers?


Got meetings? Scheduling meetings are such a hassle. The back and forth ritual while necessary is a real downer from the excitement built up for a meeting!  Amy and Andrew are here to serve as your AI scheduling personal assistants. Simple, straightforward and seamless. What I have enjoyed most about X.ai is the seemingly natural language. Be sure to be transparent that your assistant is an AI, just in case!

Scheduling meetings is a massive pain point for workers, who schedule 10B+ meetings each year. x.ai research estimates that setting up a single meeting takes upwards of 15 minutes and eight emails on average. If someone makes $75,000/year and schedules 8 meetings a week, they’re wasting more than 9.75 hours every month (at the cost of $569) solely on meeting schedule!

x.ai’s CEO + founder, Dennis Mortensen developed a solution allowing humans to stop wasting time on an automatable chore, so they can invest more time in building relationships, communicating with teammates, and making creative projects. – X.ai Team

AI Lesson: Observe how to understand how tedious conversations drive toward a call to action. Where else in your marketing operations could time saved aides in less frustration?


Trouble catering your communications for better responses or determining the right fit talent? Crystal knows you all too well.  It offers a confidence level providing the user some transparency, a confidence level, to act accordingly. This is a nice illustration of a missing ingredient in many AI solutions. Next, it profiles you as well.  If you are familiar with DISC, Myers-Briggs or HDBI personality test, CrystalKnows is scary good. It proves the possibilities and gaps for marketers as well as all professionals to personalize their communications at scale.

The company’s mission is “to help all professionals communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships and understand their co-workers and customers on a much deeper level,” – Drew D’Agostino, CEO, and Founder

AI Lesson: Take note of how the profiles guide you to deliver stronger strong communications. How are you clustering your audience to deliver content where both the offer and tone match?

Learn How it Learns.

Tangential to marketing technology, these solutions illustrate the best inspirations come from other industries. As you immerse yourself in them, consider how future AI tech can be cross-applicable to marketing efforts. AI in marketing is its strongest when it’s supported by good habits and the right mindset.

What other everyday AI solution inspire marketer support in your operations?


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