Customer Obsession is about the Relationship

Photo by Frank Cone

Mistake killing startups and wasting company ops cycles… As a startup or brand, customer obsession isn’t just about your obsession.

It is about a deep understanding of the *engagement* between you and your collective customers… and… the partners, employees, and advocates (brand or ecosystem).

1. Understand & measure the product usage through the ENTIRE value cycle of your platform and service. Gating the final and most crucial value-add experience doesn’t help you gain true customer-market fit. Huge mistake by many early-stage startups.

2. Reminded twice yesterday. On a global scale, CX expectations vary greatly culturally. Thx Graham and Brent & Paul#crmplayaz as well as our portco company.

3. Customer engagement is as much a thoughtful fiscal exercise as chess strategy market share play. Congratulations CoryBlueConic

4. Scaling CX culture is easy on an all-rise situation, but few ever run scenarios on skill shortages, a shift in customer behaviors (including economic conditions), and competitive catch-ups.

5. Journaling, especially in CX endeavors, not only documents but immerses you in your research for a better understanding…like a true researcher, where focus and obsession magnify your efforts.

Obsession over the customer without knowing how you can deliver is an unhealthy obsession.

Obvious but often forgotten, but a healthy obsession is about responsibly building the relationship.

Try this quick tip… Substitute customer ‘obsessed’ with ‘relationship’ in your decks/presentations and see how much it changes your perspectives on your work.

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