ChronoMarker™ Launch

Built a small video productivity app…

Marking ‘takes’ and notes while streaming is distracting and disruptive.

Creating takes (or social cuts) in post-production is tedious because you have to review the *entire* recording… even if someone else makes them.

So for every hour of recording, you spend another hour or more on finding those ‘takes’ in post-production! I saw how frustrating and time-consuming this was.

…But you already know when those ‘takes’ happen *while* you are streaming or recording.

So I built this seamless browser extension, so while streaming, say in Streamyards, Hopin, etc., you can mark timings, add notes, and reference the takes afterward to navigate directly to them in post-production… saving you hours across all your shows!

This has been another fun side project. My thanks to Brent LearyPaul GreenbergAmy PankenierClaire SuellentropDaniel RobertsJohn Lawson, and many of the streamers/thought leaders who shared their pain points, tested it, and for the fantastic feedback.

I hope ChronoMarker™ solves a pain point for you and allows to more time to create and share great takeaways!


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