GTM Tactics that won’t work post-pandemic

In recalibrating go-to-market plans for what I call the “next normal,”  I share strategies and tactics that were once popular in a well-funded environment but

Customer Obsession is about the Relationship

Photo by Frank Cone Mistake killing startups and wasting company ops cycles… As a startup or brand, customer obsession isn’t just about your obsession. It

Importance of Ops as an Investor

I join Calibermind‘s VP of Marketing and host, Camela Thompson, in an episode of the Revenue Marketing Report. She and I discuss four methods to understanding

PE Hunting: M&A on the Rise

Starting 6-8 months ago, I began sharing that PE and M&A were to take center stage this year and over the next couple of years.

Cookies, Rocks, and the 1% Advantage

The remarkable Brent Leary invites me back on a Few Good Minutes to discuss the idea of why 1% performance can be useful. Small Business

The 1% Performance Improvement

As a guest for Brent Leary, an authority on CRM, CX, and many related disciplines, I share more about why 1% performance can make a