What a developer community can tell you about Martech

Pamela from Martech Today and I explore why community matters and how it can be an important factor in selecting a vendor. https://martechtoday.com/what-a-developer-community-can-tell-you-about-martech-239536

AMA Growth & Martech

Had a wonderful AMA with the community at Shadow Ventures. Theres a great summary post covering inbound marketing, product marketing, campaign excecution and messaging, and some recommended books. Read more … More

Relationships Matter: MarTech 5000 Analysis by Network Strength

Originally Posted: https://chiefmartec.com/2018/11/analyzed-5000-martech-companies-network-strength-heres-found/ Scott and I are always on the lookout for inspirational ways for the community to leverage the massive martech landscape to share new insights, recommendations, and commentary. I’m a … More