Second Activist investor for Salesforce

Offered some commentary here. Ron’s been putting forth solid coverage in the enterprise arena. As activist investors target Salesforce, what’s next for the CRM giant?

CMO candidate Standouts (expanded)

Expanded further on my insights and experiences for CMOs unique to the current market on Looking for CMO candidate standouts: 5 takeaways (

Customer Obsession is about the Relationship

Photo by Frank Cone Mistake killing startups and wasting company ops cycles… As a startup or brand, customer obsession isn’t just about your obsession. It

CRM Industry 2023 Commentary

I co-anchored (w. Bob Stutz) delivered our comprehensive views of 2023 for the CRM space, co-hosted by Brent Leary & Paul Greenberg, after a series

Salesforce EoY Movements

Had a chance to comment on various Executive movements around Salesforce. Overall, cycle and tenure plans are in place well before announcements. Sometimes the timing

Investor Mindset for Hiring CMOs

Had a wonderful conversation on the CRM Playaz with Brend Leary and Paul Greenberg inspired by a post (see below) on some findings on evaluating