Cookies, Rocks, and the 1% Advantage

The remarkable Brent Leary invites me back on a Few Good Minutes to discuss the idea of why 1% performance can be useful. Small Business

The 1% Performance Improvement

As a guest for Brent Leary, an authority on CRM, CX, and many related disciplines, I share more about why 1% performance can make a

Performance Leadership Mimics Platform Dynamics

Scott Brinker’s posts always inspire new insights and ideas. One, in particular, that especially resonated with me was on platform dynamics. One takeaway is that SaaS/cloud

Martech Alliance – 2021 Predictions

Decisiveness is going to be key, according to Anand Thaker, Martech Industry Expert and Growth Advisor. Never easy when there are more than 7,000 options

Post Dreamforce Keynote Commentary

Alongside the great host’s Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg, I delivered some critical thoughts with fellow panelists on Salesforce’s intentional focus on facilitating transformation, operations,

Martech Product Journey’s

orig: Having been a keen observer, investor, and engaged in martech over the years, it feels like analyzing the financial markets. When you look

The Ol’ 1:1:1 ABM Framework

Got to dust off an old mindset framework with Yaag and Mansih on the ABM Conversation podcast. As ABM took hold in 2015-2016, I needed