ChronoMarker™ Launch

Built a small video productivity app… Marking ‘takes’ and notes while streaming is distracting and disruptive. Creating takes (or social cuts) in post-production is tedious

Amazon Cark Link Generator

Special project: Chrome / Edge Extension. Catalog items on Amazon and create a link for someone to add all items to a cart Want to

CRM Industry 2023 Commentary

I co-anchored (w. Bob Stutz) delivered our comprehensive views of 2023 for the CRM space, co-hosted by Brent Leary & Paul Greenberg, after a series

Suez Canal, Ever Given Map Tracking

Near real-time updates on the Ever Given backlog on both sides of the canal. Zoom in, change layers, click on ships for details. enjoy!

Interview with Fixel

Originally Posted: As a founder, you will be faced with a thousand decisions and tasks. The best armor to think with clarity and last

Anniversary Gift

Created this poem for my dearest wife, Swathi, for our 15th anniversary.  While learning to strengthen the writing muscle, I wanted to try something new.