ChronoMarker™ Launch

Built a small video productivity app… Marking ‘takes’ and notes while streaming is distracting and disruptive. Creating takes (or social cuts) in post-production is tedious

Amazon Cark Link Generator

Special project: Chrome / Edge Extension. Catalog items on Amazon and create a link for someone to add all items to a cart Want to

CRM Industry 2023 Commentary

I co-anchored (w. Bob Stutz) delivered our comprehensive views of 2023 for the CRM space, co-hosted by Brent Leary & Paul Greenberg, after a series

Suez Canal, Ever Given Map Tracking

Near real-time updates on the Ever Given backlog on both sides of the canal. Zoom in, change layers, click on ships for details. enjoy!

Interview with Fixel

Originally Posted: As a founder, you will be faced with a thousand decisions and tasks. The best armor to think with clarity and last