Everyday Apps that Exemplify AI

AI is an enabling and humanizing support solution. Having been active in AI/ML/NL for nearly 15 years in finance, energy, and sciences, we in martech

Podcast: Talking Stack

Talking Stack is a weekly podcast revolving around the current affairs in the world of MarTech. Industry experts and thought leaders Anand Thaker and David Raab join Amit Varshneya (CEO & publisher of

GDPR: Marketing’s Tool for Trust?

TL;DR The full global impact or ramifications of GDPR are still unknown. GDPR coupled with other data breach matters have placed customers on alert about

6 Top Questions to Ask MarTech Vendors on AI

The AI hype gallops on. Having worked on intelligent systems in energy, finance, and marketing, I’m thrilled we are struggling with using smarter marketing solutions

CDP Is The Core of Digital Transformation

Customer _________ fill in the blank: Experience, Centricity, Journey, Intelligence, Marketing, Retention. Yep, we are all on board. We aspire to be in greater sync

Actionable Books Summary – Winning with Data

“The greatest enemy of business progress is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking, Winning with Data. Tomasz Tunguz, a partner

Summer of Data Science Episode

Fireside chat with Amy Sharma, where we skillfully eat popcorn and seriously talk about using data science for marketing, sales and customer experiences. Goals, Skills,