Anand is an industry leader, builder, and advisor, in marketing technology and growth strategy. His 18 years includes areas of marketing, operations, sales, customer data, analytics, CX, and intelligent systems. 

Currently, He serves as a confidential special advisor to select performance leaders & growth investors.

Anand thrives where people, data, and money intersect. He’s enabled success for leaders across energy, finance, technology, and marketing.  He discovered the formula for wildly successful leaders must leverage the right mix of market and customer data, cognitive-enabled solutions, and seasoned judgment.

Founding IntelliPhi, Anand’s mission has been to elevate growth leaders by enabling them to navigate complex go-to-market decisions by leveraging data, AI-enabled systems, and their own seasoned leadership. Apollo, a core IntelliPhi platform, was acquired in ’19 by a top management consulting firm creating a $400M+ impact.

In recent years, he has been the research and co-collaborator behind Scott Brinker’s “Martech 5000” Landscape, along with delivering the state of the industry to over 2000 marketing leaders. He is a board advisor to the CDP Institute and a co-host of Ziff Davis’ Marketing Technology themed podcast Talking Stack. As a regular speaker, contributor, analyst, and investment advisor, Anand has earned the moniker as the “Midas of Martech” among select groups given his accuracy leading them to earn a collective milestone of over a billion in returns.

He’s worked for growth teams and executives within enterprise companies such as Siemens, Silverpop/IBM, Microsoft, Blackstone,, Fidelity, NYSE, Looker, and eBay. 

Anand also has a uncanny knack and reputation for identifying and cultivating rising sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial leaders among various talent pools.

With several entrepreneurial wins and losses, Anand is a retained advisor to select startups and investors navigating remarkable returns. In addition to mentoring Techstars and Ycombinator startups, Anand re-imagined the mentor and advisor program with the team at Atlanta Tech Village, the 4th largest tech hub in the US. It is now the most prestigious and sought after program of it’s kind in the southeast.

Anand has an affinity for the political process and strategy. He’s an advocate for local civic engagement. With his unique mix of experience, Anand advises on long-term municipal planning, community engagement, economic development, and political strategies.

Anand has a BS in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Georgia State. Also, he is a Seth Godin altMBA alum.

Currently, in Atlanta, Anand is a starving voice over talent. Building things to inspire ideas. And he’s a lucky husband also working towards earning that world’s best dad mug. 

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