B2BCamp Revisited

It’s been only a few months, but B2BCamp is launching again in Boston.   For those new to the event, its an unconference for marketers and sales.  A few peers in the industry felt that there was a gap in not only B2B events, but ones that speak practically to marketing and sales alignment as a unit.

One of the founding philosophies for the event is that it is audience driven; that’s where the unconference element come’s in.  From place to place, we recognize that organizations have different marketing and sales priorities… so we let our attendees drive the agenda!  The attendees pitch sessions, vote and the agenda and decide what sessions they attend and we do this all in the same day.  Check out the infographic below, by our peer Salesloft, for more of an explanation.

We hope you’ll attend the Boston event or let us know on Linkedin if you’d like us to bring the event to your home town.

What is B2BCamp? [Graphic] - An Infographic from SalesLoft

Embedded from SalesLoft