MarTech Conference East 2019 Video Summary

Originally Posted: Here’s a quick recap of the Martech Conf in Boston

Signal for a Business’ Growth Strategy? Look to the CMO Role.

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Originally Posted: Want to understand a brand’s vision for future growth? Look to the CMO role. As companies leave CMO positions unfilled, an evolution of how brands do business with consumers is underway. How …

Link: How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World

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Honored to contribute a brief case study of one of our clients who embraced not only our Apollo decision support platform but also the idea of changing how insights, data and collaboration evolved an organization …

Why Marketing is Everyone’s Job (And What to Do About It)

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Oh its on! Logan Lyles and I record one of our usually awesome conversations for the B2B Growth Show. Honored to be on the post milestone 1001st episode. We both drop some great wisdom, introspection …

Martech in 2020: Agility, operations and decisioning are vital to success

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orig: To win in the next few years, attracting top talent, collaboration and Intelligence to leverage the martech stack will be vital for success. Empowering people will elevate brands. Observing, building, investing and engaging …

AMA Growth & Martech

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Had a wonderful AMA with the community at Shadow Ventures. Theres a great summary post covering inbound marketing, product marketing, campaign excecution and messaging, and some recommended books. Read more here…

The More Significant Startup Event: A 50M Exit or Raise?

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The startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem is an incredibly exciting movement. With so much activity and no single clear path to an exit: failure, pivot, acquisition, IPO, etc… we enjoy a flurry of news and enthusiasm. …

Beyond Product

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Honored to be a contributor among some of the most amazing leaders in startups and entrepreneurship in the newly release book Beyond Product. Authored by Todd Wilims and Jill Soley. My mere contribution among giants …

IntelliPhi’s Go-to-Market Decision Platform Acquisition

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Twas the night before Christmas, literally, and all through a NYC boardroom…. we completed the IP acquisition of Apollo, our go-to-market decision support platform! There will be no official announcement or disclosure of terms. The …