Customer Data Privacy Debate: Apple vs. Facebook

Leadership, MarTech
Raju Vegesna Chief Evangelist Zoho Corporation, Brent Leary, and I explore. Apple vs Facebook on Customer Data Privacy: How does this fight impact Small Businesses and Consumers? Full Article and Interview: Apple vs Facebook on Customer Data Privacy: …

Post Dreamforce Keynote Commentary

Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech
Alongside the great host’s Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg, I delivered some critical thoughts with fellow panelists on Salesforce’s intentional focus on facilitating transformation, operations, and strengthening their collective community.

SpeedBumps Live! Martech, Startups & Giving Back

MarTech, Startups
What a great session with Paul Carpenter and Javier Santana from the highly respected experience agency Launch. Their SpeedBumps Live sessions are in-depth, insightful, and fun! Really enjoyed exploring my inspiration, insight, and support come …

Martech Product Journey’s

Growth, Leadership, MarTech
orig: Having been a keen observer, investor, and engaged in martech over the years, it feels like analyzing the financial markets. When you look at the complex, interconnected and dynamic nature, the digital engagement …

The Ol’ 1:1:1 ABM Framework

Growth, Leadership, MarTech
Got to dust off an old mindset framework with Yaag and Mansih on the ABM Conversation podcast. As ABM took hold in 2015-2016, I needed to keep leaders and investors focused and zig vs. zag …

Got Product Market Fit? I asked Inc 500 #1 Growth Company – OneTrust

Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech
Had a chance to ask CEO & Founder Kabir Barday and CTO Blake Brannon when did they feel they had product market fit to deploy investments faster (or go big). OneTrust was named as 2020’s …

Startups & Mentorship | Begin the Begin Podcast

Leadership, Startups
Listen along to Jeff Hilmire and I as we discuss some of our backgrounds, why mentorship and diversity is important, and how to prioritize your involvement with people and opportunities to avoid burnout.–A-conversation-with-Anand-Thaker-eiku4l/a-a31kvs9

Marketing Not Aimed at Building Real Relationships with Customers? Cut It.

Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech
Brent and I reveal… – Gems on how companies should be reinvesting budget in customer relationships times of crisis. – Chief Marketer survey, 21% of CMOs are unsure where to spend most of their budgets …

Uncertainty and chaos: An ideal time for online events to get a makeover

Leadership, MarTech
Scott Vaughn explains the real challenges with events and explores with thought leaders on how we can innovate. My two cents here: “Online events need to offer side conversations and event assignments. Conversations between presentations …

What a developer community can tell you about Martech

Pamela from Martech Today and I explore why community matters and how it can be an important factor in selecting a vendor.