Suez Canal, Ever Given Map Tracking

Near real-time updates on the Ever Given backlog on both sides of the canal. Zoom in, change layers, click on ships for details. enjoy!

Cookieless world Strategies

Chitra Iyer brings together a number of thought leaders including myself on Universal IDs and the future of CMOs and marketing with the ‘death of the thrid-party’ cookie. Love the perspectives from Conor Ryan, Co-Founder …

Martech Alliance – 2021 Predictions

Growth, Leadership, MarTech
Decisiveness is going to be key, according to Anand Thaker, Martech Industry Expert and Growth Advisor. Never easy when there are more than 7,000 options to choose from: “Marketers have enhanced automation, data, and analytics …

Customer Data Privacy Debate: Apple vs. Facebook

Leadership, MarTech
Raju Vegesna Chief Evangelist Zoho Corporation, Brent Leary, and I explore. Apple vs Facebook on Customer Data Privacy: How does this fight impact Small Businesses and Consumers? Full Article and Interview: Apple vs Facebook on Customer Data Privacy: …

Post Dreamforce Keynote Commentary

Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech
Alongside the great host’s Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg, I delivered some critical thoughts with fellow panelists on Salesforce’s intentional focus on facilitating transformation, operations, and strengthening their collective community.

SpeedBumps Live! Martech, Startups & Giving Back

MarTech, Startups
What a great session with Paul Carpenter and Javier Santana from the highly respected experience agency Launch. Their SpeedBumps Live sessions are in-depth, insightful, and fun! Really enjoyed exploring my inspiration, insight, and support come …

Martech Product Journey’s

Growth, Leadership, MarTech
orig: Having been a keen observer, investor, and engaged in martech over the years, it feels like analyzing the financial markets. When you look at the complex, interconnected and dynamic nature, the digital engagement …

The Ol’ 1:1:1 ABM Framework

Growth, Leadership, MarTech
Got to dust off an old mindset framework with Yaag and Mansih on the ABM Conversation podcast. As ABM took hold in 2015-2016, I needed to keep leaders and investors focused and zig vs. zag …

Got Product Market Fit? I asked Inc 500 #1 Growth Company – OneTrust

Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech
Had a chance to ask CEO & Founder Kabir Barday and CTO Blake Brannon when did they feel they had product market fit to deploy investments faster (or go big). OneTrust was named as 2020’s …

Startups & Mentorship | Begin the Begin Podcast

Leadership, Startups
Listen along to Jeff Hilmire and I as we discuss some of our backgrounds, why mentorship and diversity is important, and how to prioritize your involvement with people and opportunities to avoid burnout.–A-conversation-with-Anand-Thaker-eiku4l/a-a31kvs9