Web 3.0 + CX: B2B Marketers

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B2B has had challenges breaking into the Web 3.0 has been a challenging. A few of us delivered on some comments, thoughts and some insights. B2B Marketing Playbook for Web 3.0 and Digital CX (cmswire.com)

Importance of Ops as an Investor

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I join Calibermind‘s VP of Marketing and host, Camela Thompson, in an episode of the Revenue Marketing Report. She and I discuss four methods to understanding startup investing, the importance of operational infrastructure, and the importance …

inTheir20s Podcast with Kat Cole

Grateful for Kat to share her story and leadership wisdom with Landon

Growth Planning & Budgeting Observations in ’22

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Over the last 2 quarters, I’ve reviewed or engaged in 19 budget & business planning streams. Four (4) interesting tidbits about their final budgets/plans… Companies: $20M – $500M in annual revenue, vary by industry, nearly …

History w. Salesforce and Twitter’s Independence | TC+

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Elon Musk always keeps things interesting. Ron Miller, one of the top enterprise reporters in the space, reflects on Salesforce’s past interest with Twitter as well as current discussions around Twitters independence. Was given an …

Zendesk continued investor activist challenges

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Some commentary on the following article: https://techcrunch.com/2022/03/18/zendesks-latest-problem-is-an-activist-investor/ The cornerstone of this special vote questions Zendesk’s board decision on the proposed Momentive acquisition. While I also believe Zendesk’s selection of the company and at those valuations …

After 2 rejected deals, Zendesk considers its next steps | TechCrunch+

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With the deal coming to a conclusion, Ron Miller Alex Wilhelm provided great overall coverage. Was able to provide some comments. https://techcrunch.com/2022/02/28/after-2-rejected-deals-zendesk-considers-its-next-steps/ Bright future ahead for Zendesk with one win and another win, given more time.

PE Hunting: M&A on the Rise

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Starting 6-8 months ago, I began sharing that PE and M&A were to take center stage this year and over the next couple of years. Lately, I have been regularly pulled into several scenarios and …

Zendesk spurns $17B private equity takeover offer | TechCrunch+ (Extra Crunchy)

Investing, Startups
Shared thoughts on Zendesk rebuffing the offer. Worth deferring given good quarterly results. While CX platform building is the right aspiration & Zendesk is a solid CS player, making an oddly costly leap to bridge …

2021 Trends & 2022 Predictions for Martech and Marketing (martechalliance.com)

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Delivered a handful of predictions collected by Carlos Doughty CEO of the wonderful Martech Alliance crew alongside the giants in the industry including Scott Brinker, Joe Pulizzi, Steven Bartlett, and others. A few of my …