PE Hunting: M&A on the Rise

Growth, Investing, Leadership, Startups
Starting 6-8 months ago, I began sharing that PE and M&A were to take center stage this year and over the next couple of years. Lately, I have been regularly pulled into several scenarios and …

Zendesk spurns $17B private equity takeover offer | TechCrunch+ (Extra Crunchy)

Investing, Startups
Shared thoughts on Zendesk rebuffing the offer. Worth deferring given good quarterly results. While CX platform building is the right aspiration & Zendesk is a solid CS player, making an oddly costly leap to bridge …

2021 Trends & 2022 Predictions for Martech and Marketing (

Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech, Startups
Delivered a handful of predictions collected by Carlos Doughty CEO of the wonderful Martech Alliance crew alongside the giants in the industry including Scott Brinker, Joe Pulizzi, Steven Bartlett, and others. A few of my …

Cookies, Rocks, and the 1% Advantage

Growth, Leadership, MarTech, Startups
The remarkable Brent Leary invites me back on a Few Good Minutes to discuss the idea of why 1% performance can be useful. Small Business Trends published our article and where you can listen in …

Zed Run: NFTs, Blockchain, Engagement, Community

NFTs, Blockchain, and Horse Racing? Share my skepticism, and journey from interest to fascination. Also why a investment, growth advisor and data wonk appreciates the platform which just raised $20M and a community of 80k.

The 1% Performance Improvement

AI, Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech, Startups
As a guest for Brent Leary, an authority on CRM, CX, and many related disciplines, I share more about why 1% performance can make a difference. The conversation was inspired by another conversation around why …

How Frameworks Help Close the Experience Gap and Sustain Business Continuity

Growth, Leadership, MarTech
originally: Good frameworks are enduring and help you offset the loss of intellectual capital and its impact on customer experience. The needs evolve at different stages… One practiced implementation of continuity planning is scenario …

Influencer Marketing and CRM in a Post-Pandemic Future

Growth, MarTech
This CRM Playaz session started with an entertaining discussion about influencer marketing. Paul brought up excellent exploratory questions on the emerging sector. Brent and I dive into where does influencer marketing fits into the go-to-marketing …

Balancing Automation and Intelligence in Your Martech Stack

Growth, Leadership, MarTech
Was asked about priorities alongside other industry gurus about Marketing Effectiveness vs. Efficiency in balancing automation and intelligence… Effectiveness also needs laser-focus on the right goals. All else is wasted effort, said Anand Thaker, executive growth advisor …

Performance Leadership Mimics Platform Dynamics

Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech
Scott Brinker’s posts always inspire new insights and ideas. One, in particular, that especially resonated with me was on platform dynamics. One takeaway is that SaaS/cloud platform dynamics enable a magnitude of value-add creation which feeds …