ABM Advice via ZenIQ

I answer “What is the most difficult thing in ABM?” with Mark Onge, ZenIQ (now acquired by 6sense) on ABM practices from my over 15 years of aligning and accelerating B2B sales and marketing teams.

City of Johns Creek Vision-Aspiration Proposal Presentation

Presenting an economic, community ane vision for the city of Johns Creek (my hometown) to the citizen advisory council (CAC) for the 20-year comprehensive use plan. My proposal (now passed and being implemented) is to …

Terminus Untapped Customer Conference

A brief interview with Brianna Watts on the customer conference, ABM and Terminus.  My history from the early days Terminus, where ABM is today, and the future… what to do and not to do at FMF! …

Local Political Engagement Matters

Assignment from the altMBA on rapidly putting together a short persuasive PSA video.  Sharing why local engagement matters and how you can get involved, even with a busy schedule.   Local Political Engagement Matters from Anand …

Summer of Data Science Episode

AI, MarTech
Fireside chat with Amy Sharma, where we skillfully eat popcorn and seriously talk about using data science for marketing, sales and customer experiences. Goals, Skills, and Team structure. http://embed.vidyard.com/share/LtGqZjLe9Xh6YYP2mLdz3G

altMBA – A Self-Discovery Sprint

There is always on-going learning. However, every five years or so, I assemble any wisdom developed to date and try to make a leap.  Usually, these missions enhance the core of who I am, or it’s …

Mentoring is the Secret Sauce of Entrepreneurship

For much of my early career out of Georgia Tech, I tried to learn things from the school of hard knocks.  It was how I was taught as a kid through college as well as …

New Mindset, New Results, Account-Based Marketing ABM

Growth, MarTech
Also found on Linkedin (rated top marketing article in July 2016): https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-mindset-results-account-based-marketing-abm-anand-thaker/ As someone not trying to sell you on an ABM solution, I’ll share something different about the category or strategy. Yes indeed it is …

Musings on Venture Capital & the Startup Ecosystem for 2016

Investing, Startups
Last year was a pivotal turning point in the startup ecosystem. High valuations, greater noise, and volatility and broader geographic ecosystems. Over the course of the year, I spent time in the VC world to explore trends and …

#RunMarketing Like an Entrepreneur

AI, Growth, MarTech, Startups
Are you a marketing leader today? If so, then you are likely gaining the experience of a high-growth entrepreneur, next-generation C-level executive or CEO. At the recent MarTech Conference, hosted by Scott Brinker, I met the Allocadia folks who were had launched a great campaign …