New Mindset, New Results, Account-Based Marketing ABM

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Also found on Linkedin (rated top marketing article in July 2016): As someone not trying to sell you on an ABM solution, I’ll share something different about the category or strategy. Yes indeed it is …

Musings on Venture Capital & the Startup Ecosystem for 2016

Investing, Startups
Last year was a pivotal turning point in the startup ecosystem. High valuations, greater noise, and volatility and broader geographic ecosystems. Over the course of the year, I spent time in the VC world to explore trends and …

#RunMarketing Like an Entrepreneur

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Are you a marketing leader today? If so, then you are likely gaining the experience of a high-growth entrepreneur, next-generation C-level executive or CEO. At the recent MarTech Conference, hosted by Scott Brinker, I met the Allocadia folks who were had launched a great campaign …

8 Ways to Get the Most of MarTech 2016

I’m excited to attend my 3rd conference in as many years. It’s fast becoming a beast of an event.  However as overwhelming as our space can be, this conference has always had one theme: the peer experience – most everyone …

Why MarTech is a Must Attend Event

Honored to share my thoughts about the conference and why executive professionals who are trying to get stuff done should attend and engage at the event.

16 Detrimental Traits of a Bad Sales Leader

Dreamforce brought its largest crowd ever and with it a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom.  As part of the immersion, we learned numerous lessons and traits about what makes a great sales leader.  I’m sure there …

What’s Old Becomes New Again in Marketing Technology

What’s old is new again. The phrase applies to many areas from fashion, movies, science and indeed technology. History is one of the best and most underutilized research tools. Consider how business, economic and sociological are a few …

The Red Queen Effect in Marketing Technology

A question I often get is “How much investment should marketing make in advancing its capabilities?” It is a fair question. Many marketing budgets are limited and R&D type efforts are stymied by bandwidth challenges, so selecting …

Five Marketing Operation Lessons from James T. Kirk

Both my wife, as well as my former boss referred me to Star Trek themed thoughts on how to approach marketing. When they both agree, I tend to listen. William Shatner – James T. Kirk. …

The Atlanta Marketing Technology & Innvoation Ecosystem

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This is a guest post written by Anand Thaker, an advisor, entrepreneur, connector and fellow futurist in the Martech ecosystem. In the spirit of illustrating how marketing technology is thriving beyond just the Bay Area and …