Tune Your Go-To-Market Strategies to Cope w/ Budgetary Headwinds

Growth, Leadership, MarTech
A retrospective review of recent GTM (go-to-market) strategies and tactics which I helped jumpstart and save marketing from drastic cuts while still maintaining revenue and retention goals. How to tune your GTM strategies to cope …

The Decision Intelligence Handbook: Practical Steps for Evidence-Based Decisions in a Complex World

Decision Intelligence
Dr. Lorien Pratt, & Dr. Nadine Malcolm have written an accompanying and stand-alone book to their other book Link, and on one of my focus topics, Decision Intelligence. Honored to have contributed some of our …

GTM Tactics that won’t work post-pandemic

AI, Decision Intelligence, Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech, Startups
In recalibrating go-to-market plans for what I call the “next normal,”  I share strategies and tactics that were once popular in a well-funded environment but which are no longer sustainable or deliver reduced returns. https://martech.org/go-to-market-tactics-that-wont-work-in-a-post-pandemic-world/

The State of Data-Driven Marketing 2023 (LXA)

Decision Intelligence, Growth, Leadership, MarTech
Provided some insights to a report of 400 CMOs on data-driven marketing. To the report….”The State of Data-Driven Marketing 2023 (lxahub.com)“

Intro to Decision Intelligence: An Operational Advantage

AI, Decision Intelligence, Growth, Investing, Leadership, MarTech, Startups
Wrote a nice intro piece on DI and the application throughout an agile and intelligence-oriented organization. How to use decision intelligence to tackle complex business challenges (martech.org)

CFO & CMO Collaboration

Growth, Investing, Leadership
Wrote experiences with CFOs while aiding in various go-to-market matters. Noticed an opportunity for marketing leaders and shared them on CMSWire. With an expanded scope and more overlapping priorities, modern marketing leaders have an opportunity …

ChronoMarker™ Launch

Built a small video productivity app… Marking ‘takes’ and notes while streaming is distracting and disruptive. Creating takes (or social cuts) in post-production is tedious because you have to review the *entire* recording… even if …

Qualtrics $12B Offer | Techcrunch

Anand Thaker, a martech consultant who keeps close watch on the companies, says it’s a reasonable deal for both parties. “SAP needs cash and this seems like an excellent opportunity for them to return those …

11 Takeaways from ‘The Most Important Thing’

Growth, Investing, Leadership
A great read from Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital. Here are 11 key lessons from Howard Marks’ book “The Most Important Thing”:

Amazon Cark Link Generator

Special project: Chrome / Edge Extension. Catalog items on Amazon and create a link for someone to add all items to a cart Want to give your followers a link with MULTIPLE items to place …
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