2021 Trends & 2022 Predictions for Martech and Marketing (martechalliance.com)

Delivered a handful of predictions collected by Carlos Doughty CEO of the wonderful Martech Alliance crew alongside the giants in the industry including Scott Brinker, Joe Pulizzi, Steven Bartlett, and others. A few of my nuggets include:

On the Rise of Marketing Operations – “The most successful companies I’ve worked with realise that ‘experience’ is not just a drop in the bucket of feel-good actions from customer service but an outcome of an organisation. Meeting the aspirations requires agile and cross-company execution.

Marketing operations specifically have pushed professionals into expanding their scope. Owning the customer requires customer polymaths. While the demand is hot, marketing operations need more board and executive-level empowerment is still needed”

On Hybrid & Virtual Events – “In 2021, brands learned lessons about virtual events and attendees shifted their expectations. In-person activities, such as booths and happy hours, failed to translate into digital-only environments. Instead, we saw highly praised events have more highly produced, but more conversational keynotes, greater access to digital talks, and a larger variety of sessions to accommodate more longer-tail topics.”

On Talent Acquisition and Retention – “Over the last decade, modern marketing and marketing technology has seen a remarkable shift into the mainstream. Operationally experienced leaders who are decisive through an equal balance of marketplace instincts and intelligent insights will thrive.

This includes the ability to lead cross-functional agile teams, strong fiscal knowledge, incorporating diverse independent advisors, and the ability to set up and leverage actionable intel. Resiliency and agility is necessary for everything. Technology can only magnify the people, process, and data behind them.”

Lots more to read and reflect on the coming year.

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