Intro to Decision Intelligence: An Operational Advantage

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Wrote a nice intro piece on DI and the application throughout an agile and intelligence-oriented organization. How to use decision intelligence to tackle complex business challenges (

CFO & CMO Collaboration

Growth, Investing, Leadership
Wrote experiences with CFOs while aiding in various go-to-market matters. Noticed an opportunity for marketing leaders and shared them on CMSWire. With an expanded scope and more overlapping priorities, modern marketing leaders have an opportunity …

ChronoMarker™ Launch

Built a small video productivity app… Marking ‘takes’ and notes while streaming is distracting and disruptive. Creating takes (or social cuts) in post-production is tedious because you have to review the *entire* recording… even if …

Qualtrics $12B Offer | Techcrunch

Anand Thaker, a martech consultant who keeps close watch on the companies, says it’s a reasonable deal for both parties. “SAP needs cash and this seems like an excellent opportunity for them to return those …

11 Takeaways from ‘The Most Important Thing’

Growth, Investing, Leadership
A great read from Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital. Here are 11 key lessons from Howard Marks’ book “The Most Important Thing”:

Amazon Cark Link Generator

Special project: Chrome / Edge Extension. Catalog items on Amazon and create a link for someone to add all items to a cart Want to give your followers a link with MULTIPLE items to place …

Expedition Tech: (real)Digital Transformation & Board CIOs & CTOs

Adam Morgan, CEO and Co-Founder of Elevate Digital begins a much-needed podcast exploring the human side of the tech revolution. He speaks with technology leaders, innovators, and CEOs, about how to change the dynamic around …

2023 Predictions for Martech, Salestech, and Nexttech

Growth, Investing, MarTech
Honored once again to provide some predictions with the LXA on what is upcoming for this year in all things GTM tech. 2023 Predictions for Martech, Salestech, and Nexttech (

Second Activist investor for Salesforce

Investing, Leadership
Offered some commentary here. Ron’s been putting forth solid coverage in the enterprise arena. As activist investors target Salesforce, what’s next for the CRM giant? | TechCrunch

CMO candidate Standouts (expanded)

Leadership, MarTech
Expanded further on my insights and experiences for CMOs unique to the current market on Looking for CMO candidate standouts: 5 takeaways (
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